I Ain't No Willy Loman

I can’t believe I have to say this

But there’s a difference between canon and head canon

Canon is what’s real. It’s what has been said, what has been done. It’s direct. You can’t change what’s canon. 


It’s canon that Bruce Wayne’s parents were murdered. You can’t change that. If his parents hadn’t died there would be no Batman. It’s part of his origin story. It’s direct. It’s been done. That can’t ever, ever change. 

Head canon is speculation. Sometimes it’s fan fiction one uses to fill in the gaps. It’s a comfort to the reader or viewer. Head canon is what is never said but what one assumes about the character. It’s not true but it’s not false. It’s an opinion.


Sometimes, on the quiet nights of Gotham, Bruce disguised as Batman would look down upon the streets where his parents were murdered—-just in case it happened to someone else—and maybe this time he would be able to stop it.

That’s not true. It’s not false. It’s a [depressing] head canon someone may have regarding Batman. But is not canon, unless directly done or said by whoever is writing Batman.   

Shipping often consists of head canons and that’s okay. Imaginations tend to run wild, but don’t confuse your shipping head canons with canon. 

For example, Captain America x Iron Man 

They are not a canon couple. But many people on here ship it based on body language, ‘eye sex’, and subtext. Many people’s head canon is that Peter Parker aka Spiderman is their son. And that’s okay. It’s an opinion, it’s a wish. But it’s not true.

If Tony Stark says “Steve, I love you, despite your knowledge on technology and the fact that the only movie references you know come from The Wizard of Oz. Come stay with me. Start a new life with me. Adopt spider-babies with me.” 

Or something to that extent. Then that shit is canon and no can say otherwise. 

But if Tony Stark says something like “My other favorite color is blue even though my suit is red.” 

That is not code for “Blue reminds me of Steve’s costume. I love Steve and his muscular thighs. But he must never know”

No. That can be someones opinion {and the result of deep-digging subtext}. But it’s not canon. All it means is that his other favorite color is blue. It could mean anything or nothing. One can speculate it as whatever they want but don’t sell it off as canon. 

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